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A flaw-by-flaw guide to Facebook’s new GDPR privacy changes

A flaw-by-flaw guide to Facebook’s new GDPR privacy changes

by EditorApril 19, 2018

A must read story from guides on the nee GDPR privacy changes.  

Facebook is about to start pushing European users to speed through giving consent for its new GDPR privacy law compliance changes.

They ask users review how Facebook uses data around the web to target you with ads, sensitive profile info they share, and facial recognition But with a design the encourages rapidly hitting the “Agree” button, a lack of granular controls, a laughably cheatable parental consent request for teens, and an aesthetic overhaul of Download Your Information that doesn’t make it any easier to switch social networks, Facebook shows it’s still hungry for your data.

The new privacy change and terms of service consent flow will appear starting this week to European users, though they’ll be able to dismiss it for now, at least until the May 25th GDPR compliance deadline Facebook vowed to uphold in Europe.

Meanwhile, Facebook says it will roll out the changes and consent flow globally over the coming weeks and months, though with some slight regional differences. And finally, all teens worldwide that share sensitive info will have to go through the weak new parental consent flow.

Facebook brought a group of reporters to the new Building 23 at its Menlo Park headquarters to preview the changes.

A flaw-by-flaw guide to Facebook's new GDPR privacy changes

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